fake eyelashes danger to healthWhile many women love fake eyelashes for various reasons, the health complications they can cause appear to outweigh the benefits.

Fake eyelashes are popular with women around the world, but like many other beauty enhancement products – such as skin lightening creams – artificial lashes come with their own set of dangers. While some women might feel prettier with thicker, longer lashes, the health hazards associated with them may put you off using them for life.

According to research by The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), using fake eyelashes can negatively impact your eyesight. Also, if used over long periods of time, they can also permanently destroy the natural eyelashes because the glue that’s used to attach the fake lashes contains formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction in some, according to Medical Daily.

Dr Robert Dorin of the True and Dorin Medical Group in New York told the publication that fake eyelashes not only cause irritation, but could also cause viral infections and permanently damage the natural lashes.

“The weight of using [eyelash extensions] on a regular basis can put stress on the hair follicle and eventually make it fall out and not grow back,” he said. “The incentive to use [lash extenstions] is to make your lashes fuller, and it can actually do the reverse and make them thinner.”

Last month Japan’s consumer centre warned consumers about the dangers of eyelash extensions. According to a report in The Japan Times, the National Consumer Centre of Japan received numerous complaints from consumers about problems experienced after having fake eyelashes applied at salons. Of the 1 000 women who complained to the organisation, 25% said they had felt pain and irritation.

The organisation said therapist who were responsible for such work  needed to explain the risks associated with fake eyelashes to their clients.