Who doesn’t love longer lashes, but eyelash extensions are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Applying false eyelashes is the most tricky thing going.  But I found an option that is quick and low cost. It involves your average cotton wool bud!

So to get longer eyelashes the idea is that you use the shreds of cotton wool together with your mascara and that it creates a look similar to the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara (also sold on this site).

cotton wool and mascara 02Start by applying a coat of mascara onto your lashes.

Next, rough up the cotton wool a little to get the softer stuff on the inside.

Using a spoolie brush from the end of a brow pencil, pick up some of the cotton wool.

Apply it to your lashes in gentle strokes. Avoid it getting into your eyes by not going completely to the base of your lashes.

Apply another coat of mascara to lock in the cotton wool and repeat the step until you are happy with the length and volume.

Who knew getting long, voluminous lashes was so cheap and easy?

cotton wool and mascara