What is Careprost?
Careprost is used to make your eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker. It is also used on eyebrows.

It is contains Bimatoprost 0.03% which is FDA approved and sold in the USA for $120 per 3ml bottle under the brand name ‘Latisse’.

Careprost (Bimatoprost 0.03%) comes in 3ml bottles and is also sold as Bimat as well as Latisse.

How does it work?

Careprost (Bimatoprost 0.03%) are used to treat hypotrichosis, which is when eyelash growth is abnormal or not sufficient to give you adequate or enough eyelashes, and allows you to grow longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

Bimatoprost is a naturally occurring chemical called prostaglandin, which is thought to be involved in hair growth and works by increasing the length of the active hair growth phase. Bimatoprost eye drops can help you grow eyelashes that are longer, fuller and darker than they were before.

Eyelash Growth Careprost

When can I see results?

Full effects are seen in 16 weeks with daily use. After 16 weeks you only need to apply it 2 or 3 times per week for maintenance. If you stop using Careprost, your eyelashes will eventually revert to their normal length and thickness.

Side effects
There may be some itching and redness in the first couple of days. Darkening of the iris color, although this is very rare.

How to use bimat, careprost, latisse.

Once a day, as part of your daily beauty routine, just put a drop into the lid and use a very thin eyeliner brush to dip and go along the line of the roots of your eyelashes. Let it dry and continue with the rest of your routine. Use for 16 weeks to have your own eyelashes long and thicker, then only 2 or 3 times a week for maintenance.

How to use Careprost

Use a brush that is very slim so that it will not absorb and waste the liquid and each bottle can last approximately 5-6 weeks if used carefully. Keep the brush only for this purposed and rinse it out after each use. To give you an idea, the size of the brush that is suggested by ‘Latisse’ is too big and wastes too much product.

Using Careprost more than once a day will not accelerate your eyelash growth. Just use it once per day for 16 weeks.

1 bottle will last approximately 5 weeks of the full 16 week treatment. For the full 16 week treatment you will need 3 bottles.

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