eva longeriaEva Longoria won’t be caught in public without false eyelashes on.

The 41-year-old actress has admitted she loves make-up so much she will ”rarely” leave the house bare-faced and especially not without a set of trusty fake lashes on – although she does tailor her extreme beauty style to suit the time of day.

Speaking to InStyle magazine about her make-up hacks, the brunette beauty said: ”I do a day look for sure. But I still wear make-up. I love make-up. And you’ll rarely catch me without lashes!”

The star – who played the role of Gabrielle Solis in the ABC long-running series ‘Desperate Housewives’ for eight years – confessed that her other bizarre beauty secret is that she sprays her hair with fragrance, instead of her pressure points.

She explained: ”I spray it in the air, and then I walk through it. I spray it in my hair, more than on my body.”

However, the L’Oreal brand ambassador has also admitted that cosmetic products lack the personal touch that perfumes give her.

She explained: ”Fragrances bring you immediately back to a memory. You can smell something and go, ‘Oh my god. 1997. College. Freshman year.’ ”