Eyelash extensions are very popular between ladies who want long, full, lushes eyelashes without everyday upkeep.
Eyelash extensions is a great solution for everyone who wears false eyelashes, or loads a lot of layers of mascara and eyelash primer to make eyelashes look longer or fuller.
Eyelash extensions take one visit, from 2 to 3 hours, and in an instant your eyelashes are long and full eyelashes, which look great instantly. The procedure is usually taking place in beauty salon, some salons specialize only on eyelash extensions.
It is a salon with several technicians (extensionists) who do eyelash extensions all day long and this is all the salon does – eyelash extensions.
Eyelash extensions need to be touched up every two – three weeks, because extensions’ glue loosens up and they fall out one by one.
Eyelash extensions technique is a dream come true for fashionistas and beauty addicts who had been struggling to make eyelashes look long and full.
Eyelash extensions can do what mascara can’t – add new eyelashes, longer, even if the natural eyelash it had been glued on is small and almost invisible.
But everyone who use eyelash extensions gets concerned about condition of their natural eyelashes during extensions’ wear and after.
Some ladies report that eyelash extensions cause loss of natural eyelashes or weakness.
Glue and weight of eyelash extensions wears down and damages natural eyelashes. Even if best materials used and best professionals do the job, extensive wear of eyelash extensions will cause damage to natural eyelashes, in some cases – cause total loss of natural eyelashes, or appearance of bold spaces.
Ladies, who expressed their concern regarding natural eyelash loss or desire to make natural eyelashes stronger to support eyelash extensions, had been recommended one or another brand of eyelash serum. Bimat, Careprost and Latisse all contain 0.03% Bimatoprost an FDA approved eyelash growth liquid.
Together with growth of eyelash extensions industry, popularity of eyelash growth serums rises – because eyelash growth serums may be used instead or together with eyelash extensions.